Monday, May 26, 2014

The Burned Houseplant

Yes, blogging has been on hold for a while. It's been hijacked by that beautiful phenomenon called 'Life' =).

As part of that, a profound experience came my way today morning and where else would I write about it? After all, this blog is dedicated to celebrating the natural, non-violent, compassionate lifestyle...

Tending a sun-burned houseplant today gave me the experiential realization of something I had only intellectually rationalized so far.

As I clipped the burned leaves of the Lipstick Plant in my living room, I noticed something remarkable -- new, fresh, soft, lush green leaves had begun to grow on the ends of long branches of burned out, wrinkled, bone dried, discolored leaves! 

[See the new leaves at the end of the 'standing' branch (top right corner in the picture below, I removed the burned leaves in the middle). Also notice the three flower buds on the 'front' branch (bottom right). Look closely, it has several leaves missing from the midsection as well.]

This display of the elemental, innate desire to survive -- and thrive -- by a life form was quite humbling, for the lack of a better verb.

When an immobile, speechless plant, potted in a few ounces of soil, placed in limited water and light conditions has the genetic code for the relentless desire to survive, how about those chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep, goats, cows that we torture and slaughter for our food? They are sentient, can move and 'speak', and have personalities, too. They, too, justwant to live. And deserve to!

Who gave us the right to butcher them?

Is it really necessary to eat that fried chicken and bacon and veal? Must we wear those fur coats and leather boots? Must our car seats be made of leather and electronic toys that come in leather cases? Must we 'beautify' ourselves with all kinds of chemicals tested on animals?

I fail to wrap my head around this callousness and ignorance of ours...

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